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HERO Project: Transferability

A key aim of the HERO Project is to develop transferable heritage education resources. That is, to develop models which can be adapted for use elsewhere in the historic environment.

HERO was not precious about the resources it has developed.
HERO wanted all heritage professionals to benefit from the HERO Project and moreover the widest possible range of learners to benefit from a broad range of innovative opportunities within heritage education.

To discuss any aspect of HERO and how it might be applied in other heritage settings the Heritage Education Trust.

HERO has now finished. Please contact the Heritage Education Trust should you require further advice or infomation.

Heritage Education Trust

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The Heritage Education Trust provides an affordable consultation service, which enables heritage sites and organisations to benefit from the experiences of the HERO Project and of administering the Sandford Awards for Excellence in Heritage Education since 1977.

If your Heritage site or organisation would like   to take up this opportunity or discuss it further, contact the Heritage Education Trust.