The Heritage Education Trust was founded in 1983 to encourage use of the historic environment for education. Its founding principles are based upon the experience that the visits that are made as children to historic buildings can instil a lifelong appreciation of the history of our nation and its place in world events. The stories encountered within the historic environment are of value in a broad range of curriculum subjects and long remembered after the initial encounter. These encounters with the past help to put our role in society into a context that shows the value of the actions of an individual within a community can be used to enrich the life of all. There is a vast resource of heritage educational opportunities in the British Isles that individually and collectively offer children from all backgrounds the potential to learn about the common culture that we all share. It is from contact and study of this shared heritage that the citizens of tomorrow can draw upon experiences of our ancestors, for a better understanding of each other today. The Heritage Education Trust continues to encourage, recognise and promote quality education in and concerning the historic environment, from iron age archaeology to more modern instantly recognisable landmarks around us today.

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Heritage Education Trust
Chairman: John Hamer
Chief Executive: Dr Tracy Borman

The Heritage Education Trust, Bishop Grosseteste University College, Lincoln, LN1 3DY
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